Advice Videos

Teaching our kids to be safe, respectful and responsible online isn't always an easy task.  These videos can help guide you through this complex maze.  Click on the titles to view the videos.

Common Sense Media: Advice Videos
Common Sense Media offers many wonderful videos to help parents and families learn about and discuss relevant topics related to media. Videos include Cyberbullying Prevention Tips for Kids, Texting Tips for Parents, Learning with Technology, and much more.

Common Sense Media: Cell Phone Survival Guide
Is your child asking for a cell phone?  Watch this video to get some ideas of guidelines for kids and phones before you make that purchase.

Cyberbullying Prevention Tips for Kids
Texting, sharing photos, instant messaging -- this is how today's kids socialize. But they can also use these digital tools to threaten, gang up on, and cyberbully other kids. Get tips on how to help your kids prevent cyberbullying.

Digital Life: Our Connected Culture
The five essential facts of digital life your kids must know.

Keeping Kids Safe Online
Our kids are growing up in a connected world that’s not always easy to navigate. Get tips to help them make smart decisions when using the Internet.

Five teens find out how much information an Internet researcher is able to find out about them online.