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Internet Filtering at Home

Parents/guardians looking to filter their home internet have several options.  We recommend a solution which does not require a software installation on individual devices - such solutions can be easy to circumvent.  Many internet service providers offer some type of filtering service for a reasonable fee.  You can find out details by contacting your provider's customer service department.  For the major providers in our area, visit:
If your provider doesn't offer filtering or if you would like another option, we recommend openDNS -  The service is easy to set up on your home router.  The basic version of the software is free, but for $20 per year you can subscribe to their premium service - including customer support.

Regardless of the solution you select, it is important to remember - no filter is foolproof.  They cannot take the place of talking to your children about how they use the internet nor your monitoring of their use.