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Digital Glossary
Not sure how to decode your teens’ shorthand in the digital world? Feel like you need to brush up on the latest digital apps? Still think that MySpace is the right space?
We've got you covered with the Common Sense Digital Glossary FTW.

Is your Tween/Teen asking for a smart phone?

Then you aren't alone!  According to the SafeSearchKids website: 
If you’re the parent of a teenager (or even an almost-teenager, tween) you may already be familiar with the pressure but still the the numbers are still shocking:
    • A whopping 77% of teens (between the ages of 12 and 17) own a cell phone.
    • Furthermore, 56% of tweens (ages 8 through 12) own a cell phone!
    • 75% of teen drivers admitted to texting while driving.
    • 28% of teens admitted to sending inappropriate pictures via text.
    • A large group of parents were asked what age would be appropriate for a child to get their first cell phone. 22% of those parents felt that 10 was a good age!
So if you haven’t been asked the following question yet… get ready, it’s coming very soon.
Check out http://www.safesearchkids.com/cell-phone-safety-tips-for-tweens-and-teens/ for some useful tips.

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