Frequently Asked Questions

Who's behind this?

Portage Public Schools Technology Department.  We operate strictly independently from any company, industry or political organization and work solely for Portage Public Schools’ students, parents and staff. 

Who are your team members?

Dan Vomastek, Alyssa Medd, Paul Murray, Kimberly Quinn, Shane DeRidder, Jeanna Walker and Jessica Winstanley. Our team is devoted to giving families the age-appropriate information they need to create digital legacies and stay safe online.  We love media and are passionate about teaching kids and their families about technology and digital citizenship.

Who is your audience?

Parents and Students. Teachers, librarians, and experienced school staff who are in direct contact with our youth. All who are passionate about media and staying safe online. 

Where is Digital Citizenship taught in the Portage Public Schools curriculum?

Our K-12 Library Media Curriculum has several areas where the importance of digital citizenship, including cybersafety and ethical online behavior, are taught.  You can view these parts of the curriculum here.

What can I do to help?

Join us!  Come to our presentations. Get your friends to spread the word. Advocate for your children.  Watch and play with your kids and speak out for what's right, not just what's wrong.

What does being a responsible digital citizen mean?

According to Common Sense Media, "Being a responsible digital citizen means that I protect myself, my family and friends, and other people online. It also means that I respect the feelings and the work of other people online."